the Wild Bakas bar and grill – Pork, Bakas and Payau meat at one place


There are many Bar & Grill around Kota Kinabalu but nothing can come close to the offering at The Wild Bakas Bar & Grill. They proudly serve pork, and they also serve Bakas(wild boar) meat and payau(deer). If you looking for a different kind of bar & Grill, The Wild Bakas Bar & Grill is definitely one of must visit eateries in your list. The chef, O’brien is a self trained chef and he come out with different version of sauces using local spices and materials. One of his really special creation is jungle curry, a spicy soup cook with bakas meat by using spices and herbs found in Sabah only.

the wild bakas bar and grill

The wild Bakas Bar & Grill is located at Padimas point, along Donggongon bypass. Turn into the commercial centre and drive to the end and you will find The wild Bakas Bar & Grill at the corner

the wild bakas bar and grill

Simple decoration by using wood theme with a bar counter

the wild bakas bar and grill

Smoked Payau,with peri peri sauce. Meat is well marinated and smoked to perfection. Our first experience eating smoked deer meat.

the wild bakas bar and grill

Smoked Bakas with siamese bakas sauce

the wild bakas bar and grill

Smoked pork. with O’Brien’s version of BBQ sauce. The different between bakas and pork is the texture of the meat. Bakas meat tends to be tougher as Wild boar work out a lot more than pig.

the wild bakas bar and grill

Special dish serve only at The Wild Bakas bar & grill, Bakas roll. A combination of bakas meat as the outer ring and pork meat stuffing with special dressing in the centre.

bakas burger

The bakas budger. juicy bakas meat patty with yummy BBQ sauce. thumbs up for making a burger with bakas meat

the wild bakas bar and grill

Jungle curry, an invention by O’Brien using the fresh herbs and spices found only in Sabah.

the wild bakas bar and grill
O’Brien (2nd from left) and his staffs
the wild bakas bar and grill
Pat (left) & O’Brien(right)

Opening hour : 3pm to 2am

Location : Padimas Point, Donggongon Bypass

GPS Location : 5.9139768N 116.0848367E

pricing : Bakas Burger and Smoked Bakas start from RM14.

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