Sabaheats Recipe : Kuih Pinjaram Milo


Commonly found at Tamu, night market and food market, kuih pinjaram is a popular kuih (Snacks) for the Bajau people in Sabah. 

Kuih pinjaram also known as kuih penjaram or UFO because of its round shape.

I first tried the kuih pinjaram at the Tamu at Kota Belud, sold by an young kids using a small wok. I love the texture of the kuih, with its crispy edge and chewy in the middle. I been making my own kuih UFO since then and I figure why not combine Kuih pinjaram with Milo as we can only get the brown sugar and pandan flavor kuih at the market. 

5 ingredients Kuih Pinjaram Milo Recipe 


  • 250 gm wheat flour
  • 250 rice flour
  • 250gm brown sugar
  • 600ml warm water
  • 100gm milo powder

kuih pinjaram Milo UFO


1) Pour in the warm water to the brown sugar and stir well

2) Combine the dry ingredients: rice flour, wheat flour and milo 

kuih pinjaram Milo UFO

3) Mix the wet ingredients (brown sugar and water) and dry ingredients ( rice flour, wheat flour and milo)

4) Mix well till the batter become smooth

kuih pinjaram Milo UFO

5) Rest the batter for 3 hours before frying the batter in a wok.

kuih pinjaram Milo UFO

6) pour a spoon of batter into a medium heat oil. Make sure the batter is runny for smooth frying. 

7) fry till the edge turns crispy, turn the kuih pinjaram over and fry the other side. The batter will expand like a hat. 

kuih pinjaram Milo UFO

7) Kuih Pinjaram Milo. 

Feel free to cut down the sugar if you prefer it to be less sweet. You an also add in some coconut milk to make it more delicious. Thel shape and texture of Kuih Pinjaram is  Round , crispy at the edge and chewy at the center, which the inside is full of airy holes. It should be brownish in colour, sweet and full of milo aroma. 

Kuih Pinjaram can be served for breakfast or tea break or as snacks. A simple and easy make recipe at home for everyone. 


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