Oitom means black in Kadazan language, which is the main color of furniture and fittings which the food will bring colors to the dine-in customers. Oitom is helmed by Rapheal and Juan which is trained in Australia and decided to open their own fine dining restaurant in Kota Kinabalu, committed to gathering ingredients from local farmers and distributors (work closely with and support) as well as choice overseas suppliers in the hopes of bringing dishes that harmonize local flavor together with international grandeur

Oitom KK

Oitom KKSeasonal Menu at Oitom, highlighting the seasonal ingredients from all around Sabah

Oitom KK

Oitom KKOitom’s take of Grilled Kota Belud Corn

Oitom KKBorneo’s Farm Oyster

Oitom KKClam Tart. The clams are freshly delivered from Sandakan

Oitom KKA great dessert to end the tasting menu, Borneo Bonaterra Chocolate Tart

Oitom KKA great effort by Oitom Kota Kinabalu to highlight the interesting ingredients found all around Sabah.

For reservation, visit: https://www.oitomkk.com/reservations
Contact no: 601131975733
Address: Unit J-1-1, 1st Floor, Block J, Lorong Pusat Komersil 88/1, 88 Marketplace (above Sandakan Kopitiam)
Jalan Pintas, Sri Kepayan, 88300, Penampang, Sabah
Opening hours: Mon-Sun: 6:00PM -10:00PM

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