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Receive up to 68% with Gong Xi Cashback
16 January 2020

foodpanda (spelled as one word, all lowercase), the on-demand
international food delivery service celebrates Chinese New Year with Gong Xi Cashback up to 68%.
The New Year is a time when families get together over a delicious meal and receive Ang Pao’s or red packets filled with money from their elders. It is a time to usher in joy, good fortune and more for the rest of the year.
In conjunction with the festive season, foodpanda is giving customers “Ang Pao’s” between
the 12th of January until the 7th of February 2020. Customers will receive between 28% – 68% cashback from close to 2,000 selected restaurants nationwide.
“We wanted to encourage families to spend less time cooking and more time reconnecting by delivering food everyone loves right to their doorstep. Gong Xi Cashback enables customers to continue ordering all their favorite food while receiving an “Ang Pao” for every order from
selected restaurants between the 12th of January until the 7th of February,” said Sayantan Das, Managing Director, foodpanda .
Gong Xi Cashback is available nationwide. Selected restaurants include Pizza Hut, Burger King, OldTown, Tealive, Domino’s Pizza, A&W, Kenny Rogers Roasters and many more.
To view participating restaurants, customers can select the GongXi Cashback filter.

Gong Xi Cashback Terms & Conditions:
1. Cashback amounts may vary according to restaurants.
2. Cashback amounts range from 28% – 68% off the total bill
3. Cashback can only be used with subsequent ordered from the same restaurant or
location-specific outlet where the cashback was rewarded
4. Cashback vouchers will be updated in the customers’ voucher wallet 36 hours after the
first order is placed. *Image 2
5. Cashback vouchers are valid for 30 days and have to be redeemed during this period.
6. Customers will receive cashback on every purchase from the selected restaurant. *

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