Fatt Kee fish Noodle


Fatt Kee fish noodle is located in Hilltop area, Kolam Centre 3. Fatt kee is famous for its Tom Yam fish noodle and tomato soup fish noodle. The price is slightly on the high side but you are guaranteed a wonderful bowl of fish mix noodle.


fatt kee fish noodle hilltop

We love the tomato soup which serves with fresh fish slice and fish balls but not keen on the Kon Lou Mee

fatt kee fish noodle hilltop

The Tom Yam Fish noodle is flavored with fish innards, fried fish slice, and fish balls.

fatt kee fish noodle hilltop


Fatt Kee is actually located at Jin Jin Restaurant and operating from 7am till 3pm daily. Different stall selling other foods operating at night time.


Lot 6 Ground Floor,
1-0-3, Kolam Centre Phase 3,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

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