Empurau – The most expensive fish in Malaysia

Empurau sashimi
Priced at up to RM2000 per kilo, Empurau fish is the most expensive fish in Malaysia. What makes this fish so expensive is its rare and they feed on special Engkabang fruit which found only on the island of Borneo. Empurau aka "wang bu liao"...

Rabbitfish Yu Kut Teh now serving at Alu Alu Kitchen

fish kut teh alu alu kitchen
Writeup and photos by Alu Alu Kitchen Bak kut teh is a Chinese soup dish, usually served with pork or sometimes with chicken. Sabah, with fresh seafood in abundance, also has potential to popularise seafood bak kut teh in particular with rabbitfish or “laimang”. Rabbitfish...