Bayu Aquaculture Premium Live Salted Fish


We recently visited Alu Alu Kitchen were introduces to the Premium live salted fish from their sister farm, Bayu Aquaculture.

Bayu Aquaculture dedicated in producing sustainable & chemical-free fish and they latest product, live salted fish is widely available at major supermarket and restaurants around Kota Kinabalu.

Nutribah and bayu salted fishthe first reaction to the name would be “why live”? The fish is not only “live”but örganically raised and processed”, “chemical free”and “packed with Omega-3”. The “live”is highlighted because Bayu Aquaculture proudly using live seabass from their farm to produce the salted dish.

We love salted fish but sometimes we worry about the drying process of the salted fish sold at the market. It is also not easy finding good and consistent quality salted fish seller in Kota Kinabalu . Bayu Aquaculture ensure that the drying process is done in fully netted room by the sea, and the room is washed using water and hot steam after every batch to rid insect or eggs deposited. They take good care in the drying process to retain as much fish oil as possible.

Nutribah and bayu salted fishEvery salted fish is nicely vacuum packed and sliced for easy cooking and serving. The premium live salted fish is carefully dried and packed and we would certainly recommend it to our friends and family visiting Sabah and looking for souvenir or local produce to bring home.

Nutribah and bayu salted fishWe tasted the preimum live salted dish and we love the texture and flavour.

You can find Bayu Aquaculture premium live salted fish at major supermarket and Alu Alu Kitchen.

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