8 bakers/ cafes in Sibu you must visit to enjoy Anchor Dairy Brand products 


8 bakers/ cafes in Sibu you must visit to enjoy Anchor Dairy Brand products 

As a baker who works with butter a lot, Anchor Dairy brand is my favorite brand to create my pastries and cookies. 

This year, Anchor Food Professionals Malaysia – Brunei celebrates 133 years of sharing New Zealand’s natural dairy goodness through the Anchor Dairy brand’s range of products, made with 100% dairy goodness. 

Anchor Dairy’s range of butter and cheeses are popular with Malaysian families and home-bakers. For owners and operators of restaurants, bakeries, cafes and other foodservice channels throughout Malaysia and Brunei, the Anchor Dairy brand supports them with butter, cream, cream cheese, natural and processed cheeses and milk, including their range of premium Mainland cheeses. 

Listed are 8 bakery and cafes in Sibu you should visit for their signature creation using Anchor Dairy brand’s products. 

1) 億萊餐廳 Eco Delite Cafe – Sibu 

Eco Delite Cafe serves a wide variety of western food. The “must try” item is the Grilled Chicken Cheese Baked Rice, Hawaiian pizza, Mejillones Gratinados, Teriyaki Seafood Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza.

Photos from Instagram @ritalausw


2) Tea Street Bakery Cafe 

Locals love the cotton-soft Taiwan Cheese Cake. Tea Street Bakery Cafe also offers a wide variety of delicious cheesecake Milk Cheese Toast, Liu Sa Bun, Earl Grey Milk Cheese.

Address: No 24, (G/F), Jalan Bindang Brooke Drive 1 Sibu, Sarawak 

016-888 1296 

3) Cake Times The place to visit in Sibu for Royal Cheese, Milk Pudding, Chocolate cheese, cheese crepe and pandan cheese.. It offers a comfortable place for great food at a great price.

Photo from Instagram @mx2tiong

Address: No.6A, G/F,  Brooke Drive, 96000Sibu, Sarawak 016-872 4432 

4) We Love Bakery S/B Famous for their Japanese Cheese Cake, salted cheesecake, France Cheese Bread, Zhang Zhang Bun and Golden Cake. 

Address: No11, Jalan Pahlawan 7,96000 Sibu,Sarawak. 084-215 623 

5) Green Forest Cake House A popular place for cakes in Sibu. Green Forest Cake House offers custom made cake.

Address: Lot 3637, BLOCK 7, S.T.D, NO.1,G/F, LRG WONG KING HUO 10, 96000 SIBU SARAWAK 

6) Moon Cafe Family-friendly cafe in Sibu with great ambiance. The Creamy Cheese chicken pasta, creamy bacon pasta, creamy seafood pasta, lava cheese chicken burger, the avocado milkshake is the foods you must try when visiting Moon Cafe

Photo by Instagram @amylee0926

Address: No.4, Ground Floor, Lot 2925, Block 7, Pusat Tanahwang, Jln Pedada, 96000 Sibu 60135759392 

7) Farley Bakery Freshly baked from the oven, offering Ultra Cheese Pizza, Honey Cheese Stick, Soft Cheese Cake, Chicken Siew Pia, Pure butter cake. The bakery is busy from 4pm to 6pm.

Photo by Instagram @yu.long_0721


8) Famous Bakery A famous bakery is a popular place in Sibu for pastries. The must-try items are Oval Cake, Tiramisu Cake, Milk Cookies, Coklat Indulgence, and Cheese Tart

photo by Instagram @iffan_ary4

Address: No. 8, Lorong Upper Lanang 29A, Grand Height, Sarawak, 96800 Sibu Mr Lee +60198580255 

To mark “Our Birthday, Your Celebration: Rejoicing 133 Years of Quality Anchor Dairy” celebrations, Anchor Food Professionals is conducting an #anchorlegendairy Contest with more than 1,330 restaurants, bakeries and cafes across Malaysia and Brunei participating. the contest runs from 1 October 2019 to 5 January 2020 and participants stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM50,000! 

Participating restaurants and Anchor Dairy brand users and enthusiasts can join in the celebration by viewing Anchor Food Professional’s Facebook (www.facebook.AnchorFoodProfessionalsMY) and Instagram (anchorfp.my) pages for the contest details. More information on the contest is available on www.anchorlegendairy.com. 

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