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Kota Kinabalu Food guide for beginner

Kota Kinabalu Food blog

First time visiting Kota Kinabalu? Not sure what to expect from Kota Kinabalu and where to find the food? Worry not as we get you covered. For so long, Sabahans have felt put off by the suggestion from outsiders that there is nothing to eat in Sabah. But of course, whatever Chinese food is elsewhere can also be found and enjoyed ...

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Kedai Kopi Yuit Cheong

    Do you know that Yuit Cheong is more than 100 years old(since 1896) and continuously operated through five generations of the Leong family,? The grandparents started Yuit Cheong at Gaya Island settlement long before Api Api  was selected as the new site for the town centre. The moved to current premise at Jalan Pantai during the 60s. Customers ...

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