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Local burger joints in Kota Kinabalu

By Mona Coretti Lee Burger will always be everyone’s comfort food regardless of their age. That blissful feeling when you take the first bite into the soft bun cover with that fat juicy tender patty with cheese oozing out – Heavenly indeed.  If you love burger and constantly searching for places to explore despite of ending up with fast food ...

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JM Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat, Marketplace 88

We always asked by our friends, where is the best steamboat in Kota Kinabalu. As a steamboat lover, we sadly didn’t even know any place in Kota Kinabalu which serve good steamboat. We hate steamboat buffet offering around Kota Kinabalu as the ingredient is not fresh and most importantly is does not taste good. We were looking for place for ...

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Foodies Column : Annie Cheng

“You’ve lost so much weight!” was the first thing my auntie’s friend said when she fetched me from the Kota Kinabalu airport. I quickly reminded her that the last time she saw me was after a 2-week Sabah eat-fest and that in a short time after the completion of Sabah eat-fest 2014 I would return to the plump state in ...

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