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Sabaheats Taiwan food guide (Taipei)

Previous Taiwan good guide – Tainan 4th Day  Tainan – Taipei  After 4 hours train ride from Tainan, we finally reached Taipei. Our next stay is at a Luxury Apartment near Songshan MRT booked through Airbnb. After we meet up with the owner and put down our luggage, we are on the move again exploring food in Taipei. A room ...

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Sabaheats Taiwan food guide (Tainan)

Train from Taichung to Tainan took 2 hours. We checked into our room booked through Airbnb and start exploring food around Tainan. Tainan claims its name as one of the Taiwanese cultural capitals for its abundant historic monument and citizen lifestyle. The city is dotted by Taoist temples, Buddhist temples, and churches. Many of them are among the oldest in Taiwan. ...

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Sabaheats Taiwan food guide (Taichung)

Being a foodie, Taiwan is one of the must visit countries on our list. A foodies trip to Taiwan is easy to plan as Taiwan is a very safe country and they have an efficient transportation system. Information and guide books on food hunting around Taiwan can be found easily at airport and bookstores around Taiwan but nothing better than food ...

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