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Infographic – Know your Kueh

As Malaysian, We love our kueh/kuih. There are over hundred types of kuehs out there. How well do you know your kueh and do you know the name of your favourite kueh? Thanks to Bits & Bites for providing us with the kuehs and information. Enjoy your favourite kueh! Kuih Suji Steamed kuih, comes in a yellow colored bottom made of ...

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Order drinks at Coffee Shop like a local Sabahan

Kopitiam Sabah

How familiar are you with coffee lingo in a local coffee shop? There are many types of coffee you can order besides your regular hot or cold (peng)! Letters that come with the drink like ‘C’, ‘O’, ‘kosong’ are like codes that unlock secrets to how you like your drink. It changes everything. The terms used for coffee can also ...

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Yee Sang Infographic

sabaheats yee sang

The tossing of yee sang symbolizes the action of wishing one another a great year ahead filled with abundant health, prosperity and happiness. A modern version of Yee Sang is made up of fresh vegetable, fruits and salmon. Each ingredient added is well thought of because there is a corresponding auspicious greeting with it. Yee Sang Infographic by Sabaheats.

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