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Sabah Pork Egg Roll ( Chun Kien) 客家春卷

One of the signature foods of Sabah which can only be found in Sabah is Pork Egg rolls. Pork egg rolls are considered one of the traditional foods of Hakka people and the old towns of Tenom and Kudat still produce some of the best pork egg rolls in Sabah. Local Chinese call it “chun kien” (春卷) which literally means egg roll. ...

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3 exotic foods of Sabah you should try

Nonsom Nonsom is made by using fermented fresh water fish, salt rice, and Pangi fruits. Freshwater fish after fermented will taste like cheesy and the taste is provided by the pangi fruits which are readily available around Sabah. Best serve with white rice. Nonsom is a favorite for Kadazandusun-Murut tribe of Sabah. Nonsom can be found at Stall alongside the ...

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10 Seafood Tom Yam noodle in Kota Kinabalu you must eat

  Kedai Kopi Dat Seng Location : Block F, Inanam Business Center, Jalan Tuaran Serve good Tom Yam at an affordable price. They give a generous portion of seafood with an order of Tom yam. You can choose from the fish slice or prawn or both. The soup more to sour taste and thick. Kedai Kopi Ocean King 海旺城 Location ...

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Kopi Botol (Kopi Sejuk) – Cheap Coffee fix for Sabahan

Kopi Botol is unique coffee drinks found in Sabah. Kopi Botol is favorite traditional drinks for the locals and served cold. Few coffee shops at Inanam area serve Kopi Botol and some locals call it Kopi Sejuk.  Best served with fresh buns and pastries. Kopi Botol is actually  Kopi O served in a recycled beer bottle. Beer Bottle is used ...

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4 awesome fruits in Sabah you probably never heard of

sabah fruits

Tarap Fruit Tarap is a native fruit found in Borneo Island and Philipines. Known for its strong aroma, Tarap is favorite fruits for the locals. The fresh is soft and creamy white. The seed from can also is eaten by boiling it with hot water. Video on how to eat a Tarap at http://ilovesabah.info/2014/01/29/eat-tarap-sabah-style/ Breadfruit Breadfruit is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, ...

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Food Hunt: Kota Kinabalu city – 40 foods below the wind

Kota Kinabalu Food guide

Looking for foods at Kota Kinabalu City Centre? Why not try some of the local favourite foods and also some highly recommended foods by tourists. Kota Kinabalu City Centre offers a wide variety of foods from Western to local Chinese cuisine. The City centre is compact enough to explore on foot and taxis are available (fixed rate) for moving around. ...

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Guide to Sang Nyuk Mian 生肉面 in Kota Kinabalu

  What is the must eat food when in Sabah? this is the most common question face by every Sabahan. Sabahan recommend Sabah Pork noodle (local call is Sang Nyuk Mian) to those who want to experience food of Sabah and after many years it become one of the signature food representing Sabah. Sang Nyuk Mian become so famous that ...

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