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Where to find Hinava in Kota Kinabalu

Hinava is a traditional dish of Kadazan-Dusun people of Sabah. It is made from fresh raw fish and mixes with lime, salt, red chilli, sliced shallot and ginger. Hinava is also known as Raw fish salad and serve as an appetizer. Few types of fish can be used for hinava preparation and one of the most popular fish used is Mackerel. ...

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Tapai – The rice wine of Sabah

Tapai or lihing, made from fermented rice is the favorite drinks of Sabahan. Tapai are usually served during  KadazanDusun celebration and rites. The difference between Tapai and Lihing is Tapai is usually made from brown rice which produces less water while Lihing is made using pulut (sticky rice) and fermented for 3 months which produce lots of water (lihing) The tricks ...

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D’ Place Kinabalu Plaza Shell – Sabah Local Kadazan-Dusun cuisine

D’Place previously located at Kepayan Perdana which is inconvenient for tourists and guests. They take the bold move to Plaza Shell which located at the center of Kota Kinabalu City. The new D’Place Kinabalu at Plaza Shell offer much bigger space than the previous outlet. The previous outlet feel more “authentic” while the new outlet offer much more comfortable experience. ...

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Linopot – Rice or mashed yam wrapped in leaves

Linopot is rice or mashed yam wrapped in leaves. Tarap tree leaves are usually used for linopod because of its size. Linopot is very popular during the old days because villagers can easily bring their rice along to work at farm and jungle. It’s not easy to find linopot nowadays but you can see them during the celebration like Harvest Festival or a ...

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Ambuyat – Traditional Sabah dish at Le Meridien KK

Ambuyat is a traditional dish commonly eaten usually during special events as a substitute for rice. Imbue is derived from the interior trunk of the sago palm. It is hard to find shops serving ambuyat around Kota Kinabalu as the it require a long and tedious process to prepare ambuyat. Luckily Le Meridien launch Ambuyat as the “Taste of Discovery” dish specially created by Chef ...

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Tampui/Tampoi fruit

While strolling around Tanjung Aru town market, we come across a fruit we never seen before. The seller told us the name of the fruit is buah tampui. Tampui  is known as 單貝果 in chinese name and the scientific name is Baccaurea macrocarpa. Apparently it’s also known as Liposu in Rungus . Tampui look like an oversize langsat but the ...

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3 exotic foods of Sabah you should try

Nonsom Nonsom is made by using fermented fresh water fish, salt rice, and Pangi fruits. Freshwater fish after fermented will taste like cheesy and the taste is provided by the pangi fruits which are readily available around Sabah. Best serve with white rice. Nonsom is a favorite for Kadazandusun-Murut tribe of Sabah. Nonsom can be found at Stall alongside the ...

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Sinalau Bakas – Exotic smoked Wild Boar meat

wild boar sabah

On the way to Kundasang from Kota Kinabalu, you will notice a few stalls alongside the road with signs displaying “Bakas” or “Sinalau Bakas”. Sinalau means smoked and Bakas mean wild boar in Sabah. The villagers along the road especially Kampung Kelawat area are mostly Christian and they hunt for wild boar at the jungle nearby their village for its ...

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