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Where to enjoy Dim Sum in Kota Kinabalu

Dim Sum, a style of Cantonese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates is favorite foods for Malaysian. We all love dim sums and finding one is not easy in Kota Kinabalu. Here is a list of some of the dim sum restaurants in Kota Kinabalu. Non Halal Dim ...

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China Element – Hong Kong Style restaurant 中国元素“港式酒楼

China Elements 中国元素 is a Cantonese restaurant located in Oceanus Waterfront Mall, Kota Kinabalu offers comfortable dining experience and complimented by a stunning ocean Sunset view China Elements brought in a team of chefs from Guangdong, China that specialised in Hong Kong style Dim Sum, cuisine and roasted meat. The only place I know serve hot soya bean with youtiao. My ...

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