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ASquare Container Street Foods Night Markets – over 100 street foods in one place at Kota Kinabalu City Centre

Kota Kinabalu is officially a food heaven when the grand opening of A-Square came about last August! A-Square is located in between Promenade Hotel and Wawasan Plaza. It is definitely an easy access for the locals and tourists either by car or by foot. ASquare is also known asKota Kinabalu  Containers Street Food Night Market

What’s amazing is it is only a few steps away from the sea where you get to see the amazing sunset in between your early dinner. The area is decorated with beautiful fairy lights dangling from one corner to another that looks like ‘kelip-kelip’ (fireflies). Very Instagram-able, they say. 




The square has over 60 operating Food and Beverage stalls. Each stall has their own unique style of cooking and menu. The stall operators are a mixture of mostly locals and a couple of foreigners such as Korean and Thailand. You can also find Japanese food there. They sell mostly snacks such as cheesy hotdogs, chicken wings, french fries, and so on. But if you are feeling hungry, you can get some filling food as well such as burger, spaghetti, noodles, rice and so on. The prices of the food and drinks are quite reasonable to my usual meal expenses.

I personally love to come here after working hour because I get to have a lot of choices to choose my dinner from, especially when I have no idea what to eat (which is a first world problem, to be honest). I would definitely recommend to come here with your friends as you can share the variety of foods here together and have a good chilling session after a long day at work.

Food Stalls at ASquare Kota Kinabalu

A1 Fish & Anchor
A2 Cruncheez
A3 Vegetarians Treasure 素季寶
A4 Local Aromatic
A5 Tea Bar
A6 Chickilicious
A7 DoDo
A11 KK Look Look
A14 My Express Kitchen
A15 Pokki
A16 Bana Bana
A17 Sakura
A19 大眼鸡
A20 ER Coffeehause
A21 爽口福
A26 Devil Laksa
A27 Avasi 好滑细
A29 MyFC
A30 牛口水
B2B3 Easy Way
B4B5 Juice Kidding
B7 Natural Beef牛的家
B9 Cha Cha Pizza
B10 Snack Time
B11 Fry Day
B12 Tasty Borneo
B13 Public
B15 Come Bing
B16 Mio-Chi 软妹子
B17 Aunty Ubi 番薯婆
B19 Williana Cake Supplier
B21 Natural Honey Products 野蜂蜜之家
B22B23 Little Melaka
B24 Bat Signal
B27 Elotess
B29 Lava Burger
B30 Bangkok street

ASquare Creative Container Food Street
Location: No 4a, Jalan Centre Point, Lorong Api Api Centre
Kota Kinabalu (Between Promenade Hotel and Wawasan Plaza)
Opening hours: 4pm to 11pm daily

GPS Location: 5.97442, 116.06791

by: Niola Justin

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