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Advertise with us!

Sabaheats is the leading F&B, lifestyle and travel media website and publication based in Sabah. We do food review, featured articles, travel write-up and experience sharing on places to eat and travel.  

Become the partner of Sabaheats and enjoy an effective and low-cost way to promote your business in Sabah and Malaysia. We provide Website, Social media and printed newsletter to make sure our partner get the maximum exposure. 

Sabaheats have strong followings on Social Media channel and good readership on www.sabaheats.com

Key stats of Sabaheats readership on Website/Social Media channel and 

  • Readership: 20,000+ monthly readers (see below)
  • Facebook: ~41,000 Facebook followers 
  • Instagram: 32,000+ Instagram followers 
  • Sabaheats Newsletter: 5000 printed copies in circulation bi-monthly


(Valid until 31st December 2017)

Social Media Package
RM888Per review
1 off review
1 Instagram post
1 Facebook shoutout
Total Price RM888
One-time payment in advance
Silver Package1 time review
RM1388Per review
1-Month advertising
Full review on Sabaheats.com with permanent link
2 Instagram posts in 1 month
4 Facebook shoutout in 1 month
Promotion/Social Media Campaign with Sabaheats
Total Price RM1388
One-time payment in advance
Sabaheats Partner Package (6-months)Suitable for launching of new business or products
RM500Per Month
6-Months advertising
banner ad on Sabaheats.com
Full review on Sabaheats.com with permanent link
1 Instagram posts per month, Total 6 Instagram posts
4 Facebook shoutout every month.
Promotion/Social Media Campaign with Sabaheats
Total Price RM3000
One-time payment in advance

Why partner with us?

  • We have strong following across social media and our website have strong readership daily.  All our reach are organic which proven to be more effective than sponsored post on Facebook and Instagram.
  • We provide coverage on your product/menu launching. You can invite blogger/media on your own but they may not come or charge you for appearance fees. There are no guarantee on writeup and exposure from the “FREE” media.
  • We provide advice on effective media (photo/video) for the menu.
  • As our long term partner, we can experiment and try out different type of advertisement on Sabaheats promoting your products. You keep reminding the customer about your products and services over 1 year instead of 1 time exposure.
  • You will be able to experiment with different products and shout-out on Sabaheats to see the reaction and acceptance of the new menu.


Our Success Stories

Customer 1: Gelatolab (Instagram @gelatolabmy)

Launching of Wondermelon during Jesselton Artisan Market. Sabaheats blast out a video one day before the event on Sabaheats Instagram and Facebook Channel


  • Wondermelon sold out on the 2 days event.
  • Organic reach of over 30,000 on Sabaheats Social Media channel.
  • More than 30 peoples upload photos of “wondermelon” to Instagram and @mygelatolab Instagram account gain more than 100 followers in 2 days!


Customer 2: Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa

We visit and do a live video of Big Bowl Noodle at Tatu Cafe, Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa. The video went viral with over 990 shares!

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Sabaheats 1-time review package


Contact us at info@sabaheats.com or contact Adam at 0128176799 for enquiries