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About us

joanne Lee

Sabaheats by Joanne Lee

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” ― George Bernard Shaw.

Everyone loves good food and us at Sabaheats love good food as much as you do. We are not a better foodie, just we are more hardworking in finding good food.

Sabaheats is a Sabah online food channel dedicated to the passionate food lover. We always heard these people complain there is nothing to eat in Sabah which is absolutely wrong! With its rich culture and people of different races at this beautiful place, you will find yourself surrounded by wonderful food and people.


Our Aims

– To promote Sabah’s food to the locals and the World.

– Discover under-promoted/hidden Sabah cuisine and culture

– Provide information guide on what and where to eat in Sabah.


What we do?

1. Social Media 

We share out daily eating activities throughout Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On our free time, we do the write-up on Sabaheats.com on where to find the best food in Sabah! We also do Travel writeup, Hotel Stay in write-up, event review, and product review.

2. Sabaheats Newsletter

We also published SabahEats newsletter bi-monthly which is available at Pick N Pay outlets, Hotels and cafes around Kota Kinabalu.


Fork & Spoon Sabaheats

Sabaheats Newsletter by Sabaheats, Download a copy at http://www.sabaheats.com/fork-spoon-download/

3. Sabah Food Awards 2016
Sabah Food Awards 2016

We organized Sabah Food Awards annually. The aim of Sabah Food Awards is to rewards and identify the best eateries in Sabah. More information about Sabah Food Awards 2016 at http://www.sabaheats.com/sabah-food-awards-winners/


Do you accept food review?

We don’t encourage food review as it will not be an honest review when the meal is hosted by you! We do however accept the invitation for a special event (Chinese New Year, New opening, special event) and do ready us with information for us to understand you more before the event.

How does it work on the Instagram?

We go around eating every day and share our experience with our followers. We didn’t charge for our posting on Instagram as we will share if the food is good. We go around randomly as we do enjoy our eating as much as you do.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me at joanne@sabaheats.com. Please do not send out a generic email like “dear bloggers” as I appreciate you know me better before you approach me.

Can you help me to promote my business/food?

We work with our partner and sponsors to promote their business through Sabaheats. Please contact Adam (Email: Adam@sabaheats.com).


Sabaheats food Channel — stay hungry.