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5 Food Trucks in Kota Kinabalu you should try now

by: Mona Coretti Lee

Food trucks are slowing expanding its trend here in Kota Kinabalu. And recently, KK Food trucks bazaar was organized at AM PM Kolombong and most of the food trucks are invited. All of these food trucks will only gather on Friday starting from 4pm onwards. As DBKK currently restricted food trucks to operate at Tanjung Aru beach area and Likas sports complex from 3pm onwards daily, food trucks usually station themselves at a private area to cater to their regular customer. Some food trucks provide delivery service during hour upon request. It’s best to follow their Facebook and Instagram for location station updates. Below is 5 food trucks you should chase around for their good foods.

1) Gelatolab 

Sabah first artisan Gelato now serving from their food trucks. They serve soft serve ice cream and Gelato by cup. Their Durian Gelato is highly recommended and you can find them every afternoon 4.30pm at Tanjung Aru first beach and Metrotown Night market on Saturday.

Recommended: Durian Gelato and Soft serve ice cream

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mygelatolab/

2) Loca KK

Loca KK started their business on 2016. During lunch time hour, they would do their food delivery upon customers’ request and advice their customers for per pre-order request. All of their sandwiches portions are huge! Loca KK is a halal food truck and they are always moving from one location to another location.

Food menu: Tali Pinggang (RM8.00), Ultraman (RM10.00), The sabahan (RM8.00), Moo (RM9.50) and Eggslut (RM7.00)

Recommended: The Sabahan and Ultraman

Contact no: 017-8677410

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/loca_kk/

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3) Effardy food truck

Effardy food truck starts their business this year and it doesn’t take them long for their customers to get to know them. Their chef and kitchen helper are very friendly and always take time to talk to customers and make recommendations. They do delivery during lunch hour and best with a pre-order request, but of course, it all depends on their schedule for last minute delivery. Regular location stationed will be at market 88, Penampang court and sometimes at Menggatal.

Food menu: Karma burger (RM11), Buttermilk wings (RM10), Heart of gold burger (RM9.90), Monte Cristo (RM8.90), sunny state (RM8.90), Say cheese burger (RM9.90), Big bully ron burger (RM12), Eduardo (RM10) and Pina colada (RM8.90)

Recommended: Monte Cristo and Buttermilk wing

Contact no: 014-9515646

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/effardysfoodtruck/

4) Mamaritos Fud Trak

Mamaritos Fud Trak specializes in Mexican tacos and burrito. They started their business since 2005 and have been expanding their business ever since. Right now, they have another branch in Tawau. They would normally start their business 5.00pm until 11.00pm at certain location and their regular stationed will be at Beverly Hills

Food Menu: Black pepper beef (RM7.00), black pepper lamb(RM8.50), Double-cheese burger, Grilled chicken burger (RM7.50), Beef taco (Rm6.50), Chicken taco (RM7.00), Beef burrito (RM9.00) and Chicken burrito (RM9.50)

Recommended: Tacos and double cheese burger

Contact no: 010-2264657

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mamaritosfudtrak/

5) Meat and loaf 

You can easily spot their food truck because of their bright yellow color truck! They not only serve good burgers but good desserts too. Besides doing delivery, they offer catering services. They don’t really have a regular stationed area and it’s best to follow their Facebook page for more updates.

Food Menu: Beef Bacon Crispy onion burger, Magic Mushroom burger, Loaded fries. Garlic fries, Smoked duck, fried chicken, Churros, brownies, Banofee pie, and blueberry cheese tar.

Recommended: Loaded fries, beef bacon crispy onion burger and churros

Contact no: 013-5424735

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meatandloafkk/

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